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PVC machine

Welding and Cleaning Production Line

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Performance characteristics
1.This production line consists of welding unit, conveying unit, full automatic cleaning corner unit and automatic palletizing unit, which used for welding, conveying, cleaning corner and palletizing of Upvc window and door.
2.Welding unit
①The welding unit is horizontal layout, it can weld two frames at the same time.
②Adopt the monitoring torque technology to realize the pre-press of four corner, which ensures the welding accuracy.
③Adopt fitting the gap of weld by press plate to change the seam and seamless, which ensures welding strength and stability.
④Upper and bottom plates can locate and heat independently.
3.Corner cleaning unit
①The working head adopts 2+2 linear layout, compact structure and stable performance.
②Adopt the internal angle locating mode, this mode is not affected by window frame welding size.
③Adopt efficient servo control system, which realizes to quickly full-automatic clean almost all the welding seam of upvc window and door.
4.Auto stacking unit:Adopt pneumatic manipulator to hold the rectangular frame, fast and efficiency put the finished window frame to the Pallets or transporters, could save labor intensity and improve the production efficiency.
Technical parameters

Supply AC380V/50HZ Face mill motor speed 0~12000r/min (adjustable)
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa End mill motor speed 0~24000r/min (adjustable)
Air consumption 400L/min Process height 25~130mm
Total power 34KW Process width 40~120mm
Total weight Welding unit:3200Kg Process range 490×680mm~2400×2600mm
Cleaning unit:2000Kg Palletizer height 1800mm
Palletizing unit:1700Kg Dimension (L*W*H) 23000*5500*2900mm
Transport unit:200KG*3 Face mill motor speed 0~12000r/min (adjustable)