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PVC machine

Welding and Cleaning Production Line

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Performance characteristics
1.The product line is composed of welding unit, transportation unit and corner cleaning unit, it can complete the welding, conveying, corner cleaning of Upvc window and door.
2.Welding unit
(1)      The machine is horizontal layout, it will complete the welding and transportation of two rectangle frame once clamp.
(2)      Adopt the torque testing technology to realize the pre-press of four corner, so that to ensure the welding accuracy.
(3)      By changing the press plate to realize the exchange of seam and seamless welding, to ensure the welding strength and stability.
3.Corner cleaning unit
4.It adapts three-axis and six-cutter of high-efficiency servo control system, can auto realize cleaning almost all the welding seam of upvc win-door.
Technical parameters

Supply AC380V/50HZ Face mill motor speed 0~12000r/min(adjustable)
Air perssure 0.6-0.8MPa End mill motor speed 0~24000r/min(adjustable)
Air consumption 200L/min End mill specification ∮6*∮7*80
Total power 15KW End mill specification ∮6*∮7*100
Total weight 4000Kg Process height 25~130mm
Welding unit:2600Kg Process width 25~120mm
Cleaning unit::800Kg Process range 430×580mm~2400×2600mm
Transport unit:300Kg+130kg Dimension (L*W*H) 12500*5500*1900mm