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Vertical Ring Wrapping Machine EH600L

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EH Series of Upright ring wrapper is specially designed for wrapping the tyre, steel coil, plastic pipe coil and other products with "ring" shape. it has high packing speed and work efficiency as well as ensure clean of products. packaged products is easy to transport and store.

Technical parameter:

External diameter of packing:        400-600mm                         
Inner diameter of packing:           200- 400mm
The width of packing(recommend):   200-250mm
Packing material :                  braided cloth/compound paper belt/wrapping film
Width of Packing material roll:       90mm-200mm(can be adjustable as the requirement of customer)
The winding overlap:               Can be adjustable
Power:                           4.0KW/AC220V/50Hz
Roller loading weight:              800kg


The feature of machine:

1. PLC controller

2. With inverter to adjust the speed of swivel and roller.

3. The overlap of packing materials can be adjustable.

4. To adjust the height of load by power-driven according to specification of load.

5. The roller contacting with the product are made of polyurethane rubber processing, to ensure the appearance of the product does not damage;

6. Swivel is made of aluminum alloy material, handiness and safety;

Electrical parts:

Name of parts brand Origin
1. Integrator of PLC & HMI XINJE China
2. Inverter for swivel AFSEN Taiwan
3. Inverter for roller AFSEN Taiwan
4. Proximity switch OMRON Japan
5. Limit switch SCHNEIDER France
6. Urgent stop SCHNEIDER France
7. Motor for swivel ZHONGDA China
8. Motor for roller ZHONGDA China