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Luggage Stretch Wrapping Machine EL600F

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EN Series of Mini stretch wrapper is specially designed for wrapping small goods or products without pallet. This machine can pack six sides of products by reverting products 90°.it is used in cloth industry, yarn industry or food industry.

Technical parameter:

Max packing size(standard) 600mmx600mm 32”x32’’
Max packing height 400mm 24”
Packing efficiency 20-40loads / hour
Turntable speed 6-20rpm
Turntable diameter 350mm
Turntable loading 100kg
Machine weight 260kg
Power and voltage 0.75kw
220V 50/60HZ 1Phase (standard)
Air sources 0.4-0.6mpa
Air consumption 1000ml/min
Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film Thickness 17-35 µ
Film Width 500 mm
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Maximum Film. Diameter 260 mm
Max. weight of film roll 15 kg


Machine feature:

Control Features

Cycle pause capability

Pneumatic top plate

Heavy duty chain lift, clam and safety

Top platen to press the top of the load

Film Delivery System

Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to min film consumption

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor

Film dancer-bar with variable speed output