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Wrapping Machine

Rotary-arm Automatic pre-stretch wrapper with four ER1800FCZ

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This machine is constructed with Rotary- arm to wrap the load which can stay in local place and needn't to rotate. And machine automatic finish the process of transport and wrapping the load on the pallet. This machine is fit in high efficiency packing line.

Technical Data:

wrapping size (L×W×H) (500-1300)mm×(500-1200)mm×1800mm
packing efficiency 30-50 loads/hour
rotary-arm speed:  6-15rpm
Air system pressure: 0.6- 0.8 Mpa
Air consumption:   1000ml/ min
Power/voltage: 220V, 1ph/ 60hz
Film thickness/width: LLDPE stretch wrap film, 17-35um/500mm, core dia: 76.2mm
Control system: 1. PLC controller, wrapping layers count can be adjustable,     2. With photoelectrical switch to automatic sense the height of the load.
Frame of 4masts
  1. Frame consist of 4 masts made from square tube steel structure.
  2. Rotary-arm is mounted on the frame by the rotary support.
Rotary-arm feature:
  1. Rotation speed of the rotary-arm can be adjustable: 6~15rpm
  2. Rotary-arm soft-start, soft-stop, finally stop in home position
  3. With high sensibility urgent brake system controlled by the safety photoelectric detector.
  4. -In-feed/Out-feed photocell sense the load on the conveyor.
Thread and cutting film system: Automatic thread and cutting film system by pneumatic
Film carriage system: 1. Powered pre-stretch film carriage, film tension ratio can go to 250%.
2. Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
3. Adopt wear- resistent roller with rubber to postpone work life.
Up-down frame: Double- chain construction, up-down speed can be adjustable
Control cabinet With control cabinet
Shining alert light Shining alert light on the top of Rotary-arm and frame
The height of roller conveyor: 430mm, 
The width of the conveyor: 1100mm,  
The loading weight for conveyor: 2000kg
Guardrail around the machine and conveyor(optional)

Electrical parts:

Name of parts Brand Origin
2、Inverter for rotary-arm ENC China
3、Inverter for up-down of film carriage ENC China
4. Inverter for pre-stretching film ENC China
4、Proximity switch OMRON Japan
5、Photoelectrical switch Panasonic Japan
6、Limit switch SCHNEIDER France
7、Urgent stop SCHNEIDER France
8、AC contactor SCHNEIDER France
9、Relay OMRON Japan
10. Motor for rotary-arm ZHONGDA China
11、Motor for film carriage up-down DELI China
12. Motor for pre-stretching film ZHONGDA China