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Wrapping Machine

Automatic Pre-stretch Wrapping Machine ET1800FY

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This machine is specially designed for high efficiency packing. It is constructed with automatic thread and cut film device and needn’t person to thread film and cut film. So that this machine has high packing efficiency and save the worker cost for you.

Technical parameter:

packing size(L×W) (500-1200)mm x (500-1200mm) 48”x48’’
Turntable diameter/height 1800mm 71”/850mm
Max packing height 2000mm 79”
Packing efficiency 30-50 loads / hour
Turntable speed 6-14rpm
Turntable weight capacity 2000kg
The weight of machine 1100kg
Dimension of machine 2945mm×2000mm×2310mm
Power 1.6 kw
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ 1Phase (standard)
  110V 50/60HZ 1Phase (optional)
Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film Thickness 17-35 µ
Film Width 500 mm
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Maximum Film. Diameter 260 mm
Max. weight of film roll 15 kg



1. Turntable: It is consist of conveyor and rotation platform.

Turntable adopt chain drive with brake motor.

Turntable rotation speed can be adjustable: 6-12rpm, turntable soft start and soft stop, and finally, the machine will stop in the home position.

Motor for rotation: 0.75kw

2. Mast: Surface of mast adopt spray-powder, beautiful and durable.

Up-down of film carriage adopt double-chain drive so that the movement is steady.

Up-down speed of film carriage can be adjustable: 0-3m/min.

Motor for up-down: 0.37kw, gear ratio: 1:60.

3. Film carriage system:

Powered pre-stretch system can make film tension up to 250%.

Film delivery variable speed separate controlled by AC(alternating current )Drive Motor

Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel

Motor for stretching film: 0.25kw

4. Film tail treatment:

Automatic clamp film with gripper and heat cut film system.

Activated brush attaché film on the load.

5. control system:

PLC controller.

Remote controller to operate on the forklift truck by the operators.

With photocell to sense the height of the load top and movable block to control the packing height.

Top/ up-down/ bottom/ over-wrap/ reinforce can be adjustable on the control panel.

Wrapping layers times/ turntable speed,/ carriage up-down speed/ film tension can be adjustable 1-9.