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Wrapping Machine

Horizontal wrap packing line ES2000

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Packing process:

This packing line is used to wrap the pallet. It can automatic wrap the pallet, so that promote the working efficiency and reduce the worker later cost.

The requirement for packing size of pallet: L2200mm*W1200mm*H1200mm

Technical Data:

Swivel diameter:                800mm
Products diameter range:          50-600mm
Products length range:            50-600mm
Rotation speed.                 20-40 rpm (it is adjustable with transducer)
Transport speed:                5-8m/min
Power supply/voltage:            220V, 1 phase,50HZ
Pneumatic system:              0.4-0.6Mpa
Air consumption:               1000ml/min
Packing material:             LLDPE film/Kraft-plastic Laminated/woven bag
The width of packing material:  100-300mm (according to requirement of customer)

The construction of packing line:

1. 2sets of powered Roller conveyor: L1300mm*W1300mm*H800mm

Roller is double-chain powered galvanize roller, diameter of roller: 76mm

Transport speed: 6-8m/min.

2. 1set of electric rotation table: L1300mm*W1300mm*H800mm

Rotation table is driven by the chain or rotary support, rotation speed: 6-14rmp.

Loading weight of table: 2000kg

3. 1set of Horizontal wrapping machine: ES2000

Packing size: L1200mm*W1200mm*H1200mm

Power: 2.2KW

Swivel rotation speed: 30-60 rpm.

Packing efficiency: 30 pallets/hour (Depend on the operation skill)

4. Automatic control system

PLC+ Interface, swivel is controlled by gear reducing motor, easy to operate. Transport speed of conveyor is adjustable with inverter, to ensure the stability of transportation, small energy consumption and easy to maintain.

5. the packing materials:

LLDPE stretch film

Width of film: 250mm

Outer diameter of film roll: 260mm, inner diameter of paper core: 76mm

The brand of electrical parts:

 PLC                                  Panasonic
 Touch screen                          Xinje
Inverter                               Panasonic
Photoelectric switch                    Panasonic
Proximity switch                        OMRON
The motor of conveyor                  ZHONGDA
Main motor(with band-type brake)      ZHONGDA


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