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Aluminum machine

CNS (CNC) Corner Connecter Cutting Saw

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Performance characteristics
1 Adopt PLC and interface to control, ensures machine stable and reliable.
2 Determining Length uses magnetic scales and digital meter, cutting length is displayed by digital signal.
3 Auto alarm function: auto alarm when that is no workpiece and complete cutting quantity.
4 Special profile clamping device: decrease request for straightness of profile and improve stability of auto feeding.
5 High-precision electric spindle direct drives the saw blade to cut, stable and reliable, high cutting accuracy.
6 The feeding of the blade is driven by gas-liquid damping cylinder ensures the stable operation.
7 Phase sequence protection device: It can effectively protect the equipment when loss of phase or misconnection.
8 Optional device: CNC control system
Technical parameters

Supply 380V/50HZ Cutting range 90°
Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Cutting height 230mm
Air consumption 100L/min Cutting width 135mm
Power supply 3.75KW Cutting length 3mm~600mm
Spindle rotation speed 3200r/min Dimension (L*W*H) 2000×1300×1650mm
Blade specification ∮500×4.4×∮30×120 Weight 550kg