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Aluminum machine

CNC Corner Combining production line

LWJKP4-CNC-100*2600*3100 ...
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Performance characteristics:
 1.The machine adopts industry computer to control, it is used for high-speed punching and riveting four corners of aluminum window & door synchronously.
 2.The machine consists of feeding unit, corner crimping unit and unloading unit.
 3.The frame is automatically transported to corner crimping unit from feeding unit and processed to crimp, the frame is finished once crimping, efficient, save energy and time.
 4.The frame is transported to next position through worktable which can automatic lift height.
 5.Adopt bar code printer, it’s easy to establish digital factory system.
 6.The machine can connect with palletizer so as to automatic stack the frame or connect with assembly line so as to ensure all processes are not grounded.
Technical parameters

Supply 380V/50HZ Max hydraulic pressure 48KN
Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Adjustment height of cutter 100mm
Air consumption :80L/min Processing dimension  480×680~2600×3100mm
Power supply 11.0KW Dimension(L*W*H) 10000×6500×1400mm
Capacity of oil tank 65L Weight 2000kg
Oil pressure 16MPa