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Vertical Insulating Glass Sealing Line

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Main features
1.Achieve various size of rectangular insulating glass automatic continuously sealing, high efficiency & stable quality sealing performance.
2.Finished insulating glass unit can be stored on the third section, strengthen the continuity of machine’s operation, and improve the production efficiency.
3.Economical, suitable for glass deep processing companies, touch screen control, easy operation.
4.All edges and corners sealant coating enrich no air bubbles, fully coating, without manual trimming.
5.Adopt world-renowned brand of servo control system, stable performance.
6.Accurate timing belt transmission system ensures smooth running glass without glue.7.Unique glue automatic alarm device and automatic draining function.
Technical Parameter

Input power source 380V/50Hz
Total power 17KW
Glass dimension(l*h) Min300*180mm
Washing speed 0-13m/min
Max. Working speed 25m/min
External dimension 7400*2800*3000mm
Thickness of insulating glass 12-60mm
Sealing depth 3-15mm
Spacer width 6-32mm
Sealing speed 5-40m/min