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PVC machine

CNC glazing bead sawing Center

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Performance characteristics
1  It is used to cut the glazing bead profile in 45°and chamfer, once clamping can cut four bars.
2  As the saw blades are arranged at 45° cross each other, cutting scrap only appeared at the saw bit, utilization ratio is high
3  After cutting, saw blade is separated with cutting face of profile when returns which can avoid sweeping profile phenomenon.
4  The feeding and unloading device have patents, they can ensure cutting precision and eliminate install mistake.
5  The machine has optimized cutting function, put an end to waste and improve business efficiency
6  The unloading unit adopts the overturning table, which can automatic sort different lengths of glazing bead, and flip it into the groove of materials.
Technical parameters

Supply 380V/50HZ Spindle speed 2850r/min
Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Max. cutting width 50mm
Air consumption 100L/min Cutting depth 40mm
Total power 2.95KW Cutting length 300~2500mm
Spindle power 1.1KW×2 Total weight 600Kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 7700×1900×1700mm